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Physical yoga postures and meditation allow us to explore our seven energy centers called the “Chakras”. The seven main points of energy align from the base of your spine all the way up to the crown of your head. Each Chakra governs different emotions, personality traits, and physical qualities. Each Chakra can be a reflection as to why you find it challenging to manage money, or why you feel like you are not speaking your truth. They can also be a reflection of areas in your life that are in balance. It gives us an opportunity to explore where we need to find balance and HOW. By teaching children the seven chakra system which they will learn as their “seven super powers” we are providing them life long tools to always work towards feeling balanced, centered and JOY!


This yoga sequence was created to blend the teachings of the seven superpowers into an hour long yoga class. This class is very interactive. You will teach basic postures to the kids that correlate with each specific superpower. They will have the chance to journal about their superpower in the booklet provided to them at the beginning of class. Please note, this is not a vinyasa flow class. You will be workshopping seven yoga poses that represent each chakra. Following each pose, the children will have a chance to write down their experience in their super power "journal".  

What's Covered in Module