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Heather & her mini yogi Olivia

Heather & her mini yogi Olivia


Heather leads yoga programming, sequence innovation and nutrition. You can describe her yoga instruction style in one word: PURE LOVE. Heather is based out of Los Angeles, CA.  She has created and led teacher-training programs for the most notable studios across southern California and has garnered numerous awards and accolades for crafting some of the most innovative yoga programs for kids and adults.

Her yoga adventure began in 2001 when she discovered it as an outlet to relieve stress from the corporate career world. That day was a gift that has continued to bless her life in countless ways in mind, body and spirit.  As an avid athlete and weight lifter, she teaches with an emphasis on breath and form to create a safe foundation to build a yoga practice. She often says there is no joy in practicing in between injuries. She passionately believes yoga is for everyone and helps to facilitate the best practice in each individual. Many of her students say she is encouraging, supportive and teaches from her heart. She is honored to take this journey with those who practice and believes it is a true gift to witness the healing and growth that occurs in each person along their path and share in their profound life moments on and off the mat. 

She loves to create in the kitchen and believes food is medicine, should look like where it came from and give the body energy. She educates people about using essential oils, sleep, movement, eating well and mediation as health and wellness tools to live their best life. She is an enthusiastic student of the body, mind and spirit seeking new knowledge daily. 

She dreams to experience the beauty of the Earth with her family, practice yoga all over the world and write a book on health and wellness in an instant world.