7 Go-To Tips for Stress Management

There are two different types of stress – eustress (the positive stress that keeps you motivated) and distress (the negative stress). When negative stress sneaks upon you here is your go to list for stress management.

1.     Breathe: There are different breathing techniques with the help of which you can relax yourself and guide your mind towards optimal and calming thoughts. Make your intention in your yoga practice be focused on awareness of your breath. Start to cultivate the connection with your breath now to draw upon the techniques when stress sneaks in.

2.     Meditation has been pure fairy dust magic for me personally. Explore Kundalini meditation for mindfulness.

3.     The law of attraction is a simple concept that has been used for thousands of years by people all over the world. It is also known as the Universal Law. Psychologists have used the law of attraction in their practices for years, although some call it by a different name. A well-known psychologist named Albert Ellis was a believer of the concept; quite simply stating “You are what you think.” The law of attraction basically means that YOU are in control of your emotions and actions and that you bring most of what happens to you onto yourself through those emotions. You are not a victim and you have the power to change what is happening to you and your reaction to it just by using the power of positive thought and taking control of the situation. It is within your power to decrease your stress levels as you change your thought patterns.

4.     Keep your heart healthy by going for a nice morning or evening walk. Conclude the walk with 10 minutes of yoga. Perhaps make it an evening partner ritual.  Just like we do Partner Yoga, choose to do partner walking or jogging as well.

5.     Drink Green Tea or my favorite is Chamomile. Finally the perfect excuse to purchase the absolutely beautiful teacups and a teapot from Anthropologie. With mood boosting benefits and detoxifying agents it can help to aid in stress management.

6.     Focus on managing your time, if you really want to manage your stress: Time management, pausing for 60 seconds to gather your thoughts before each meeting and taking an extra few minutes to outline what you want to accomplish with your time is key in managing stress.

7.     Develop a new hobby or return to an old one: Buy a few new painting brushes, go to the library and make a reading date with your self, join a cooking class or watch one on YouTube – make time to do things that you truly find pure joy in.

As Pearl Jam says, "Just Breathe." :)